The Lady Behind the Camera

Hi! I should probably start with the first question I always get asked… How long have you been doing this?  Going on 15 years!  Crazy to say that but it’s true.   Second most asked question… How did you get started with this career?  With the birth of my first child, one of the most important things to me was capturing his every single moment. It didn’t take long for me to realize what my life was meant for. I decided to take the plunge and purchased my first film SLR camera. Tons of time spent studying, reading, and practicing, and tons of boxes later, filled with prints from tons of rolls of film, I had finally found the most rewarding creative outlet yet. And so it began. Skip forward a few years and my second baby made her entrance into the world and with this, my upgrade to the digital world.   A few years in and trying out different photography services, I realized my niche was working with newborns, babies and families and decided to focus only on those. I get inspired every time I set up for a newborn session, and who can resist these pure, soft, sweet creatures? I could snuggle them all day, which is good for me because these bundles of sweetness provide my baby fix that I need so often. And when they come back throughout the years celebrating milestones, it’s amazing to see.  I feel like these babies are an extension to my own family.  I specialize in Newborn, Baby and Family photography.  I am a self-taught photographer.